About Me

My name is Sarah Gregory and I help parents teach their children how to eat through my unique mindful eating approach.

I have created a range of simple and effective tools to help you teach your children how to develop a positive relationship with food. My tools use the combined powers of participation, imagination and education to make mealtimes a fun positive experience for the whole family.

“Sarah’s book has honestly helped transform my family mealtimes from being a nightmare to a time I now look forward to. My children are two and four and really enjoy the story and characters. I love the way the story has been written and the illustrations are beautiful. There are lots of books available on the subject of children eating but this book actually gives you the tools to fix the problems and have happy mealtimes!"

What have I got to offer?

  • Your Little Foodie Learning Journey Guide, available on Amazon click here
  • The Take Another Mouthful parent’s mealtime helper book, ‘Escape from Witch Castle’, click here
  • My free 8 step guide to changes you can make today that will improve your child’s eating habits, click here
  • Downloadable resources for parents, click here
  • My blog where I share hints, tips and my favourite recipes, click here
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My food journey

As a child I was what could be described as a ‘fussy-eater’. That didn’t change until I was an adult and learned to love foods beyond my very limited diet of jacket potatoes, pasta and butter! My changing palate taught me that the ability to be more open and adventurous with food is a learned behaviour.

Now I am a mother of four amazing, and very different, children aged three, five, eight and seventeen. Like every parent, I want all of them to have a well rounded healthy approach to eating – and life.

So when my son was four years old and refused to eat I couldn’t help blaming myself and questioning my own abilities as a parent.

Thankfully, my husband’s grandmother introduced me to her ‘Take Another Mouthful’ stories. The stories helped change my son’s relationship with food and inspired me to write my parent’s mealtime helper book, ‘Escape from Witch Castle’.

I realised learning how to eat has to be treated the same as learning any essential life skill. A maths teacher doesn’t simply hand over a text book and say ‘Read this and you’ll be an expert in mathematics’. So why do we think that all we need to do is hand a child a plate of food and they’ll understand how to eat and enjoy food?

I have expanded my story-telling technique into a simple, holistic approach that gives parents the knowledge and skills to help their children make the right food choices and develop a positive relationship with food.

What I believe/my values:

  • Teaching your children how to eat is as important as teaching them the other essential life skills like reading or writing.
  • It is not enough to eat healthily, knowing how to eat is of equal importance.
  • Family mealtimes are an opportunity for togetherness, a chance for you to build happy memories your children will carry with them throughout their lives.
  • Mealtimes should be full of positivity and fun and you can do this by harnessing the power of creativity and storytelling.
  • The key to lasting results it that both you and your child participate, so within reasonable parameters, you need to hand over control to your child.