Dont worry I’ve got Winter all ‘wrapped’ up…

9th December 2016

The children are all excited about Christmas and the holidays- through all of the build up and the hype the reality is that there is Christmas Eve, Day and Boxing day! At a push the children can get excited about New Years Eve (mine do) ┬ábut how do you cover all of the other days? It is not the most accommodating of seasons in the UK at this time of year – so here are some ideas to beat boredom and hair pulling….


I do love a camp fire any excuse haha



Funnily enough my children are always on hand to do this one. Make sure you have some real chocolate to hand, a way to froth the milk and some colourful decorations ….


Left over cardboard boxes from the presents, some material for curtains and a few teddies. Hours of fun from the comfort of your seat whilst you are watching….



This one is great fun Mum’s team verses Daddy’s team- guess who always wins haha



Time to sharpen up on that planet and star knowledge- or you could just spend hours looking for the man on the moon (I still haven’t seen him yet!)



Still one of my favourite pastimes and the most basic of forts only need blankets and chairs…..



A great skill that takes patience and time- Christmas sounds like the perfect time for this activity if like me you have eaten so much cheese you don’t want to move too much…



A great activity that can be adapted for all age ranges. a way to spark creativity beyond a screen…;.



I loved ice skating as a kid! You don’t even have to be good on skates because there have balancing penguins and all sorts…



Christmas is a great time to talk about families. Help your children construct a family tree with them at the centre.

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