Being vegan is so ‘hot’ right now

26th April 2017

My six year old said that she wants to be like Budha when she is older because he ‘didn’t eat meat.’ It is an interesting observation from my daughter who is interpreting the world around her. It did get me thinking what on earth is going on in her tiny mind that she needs to explore vegetarianism, through a religious process and can only make this decision when she is, and I quote ‘older.’ (but that is a story for another time)


Being vegan is so ‘hot’ right now

and if I am honest it is something that I have previously considered and definitely have not completely ruled out. If I had to label myself today I would probably be more of a flexitatrian.
I believe in the art of balance when it comes to life, approach to living and food. But as I say I have not ruled it out completely because I can see the environmental, political and health benefits of a plant based diet.

My concern is rooted in what I have witnessed with the latest trend in becoming a vegan, that it does not necessarily mean following a healthy plant based diet. In a considerable amount of cases, most noticeably with teens and tweens, its encouraging more consumption of processed food and buying into the convenience of a vegan friendly label.

I understand the reality of time pressures, our working lives, active kids, knowledge and lifestyles, as parents, we have a role to play in all of this. Instead of allotting precious time to undertake the necessary research when your child has made this decision, planning and shopping for meals you are secretly hoping that it is just a fad and it will pass. I hear this and trust me I know, the easy vegan friendly options available on the shelf look more appealing than a continual crisis point of what can I use in a meal cooked from scratch??


So thought it would be handy to share with you somethings to be aware of:

Soy is an ingredient that features in many processed vegan friendly foods to replace the missing protein on the plate.  Soy is problematic in its processed form because it is generally genetically modified, meaning it’s life, journey and roots are more familiar with scientific laboratories than back gardens, alongside the extra addition of salt, sugar, chemicals and preservatives for taste purposes it is contributing to an unhealthy diet.

Too many carbohydrates like chips or sugary foods like spaghetti hoops are suitable for vegans however, we know they are far from a healthy enriching diet, much needed by our growing teens and tweens.

It is important to ask the question about vitamin, what actual ones do our bodies need? With a drastic change in diet it is important to know what needs to be replaced, being aware you are no longer getting from from your diet because you have stopped eating meat and dairy products Vitamin b12? Iron? Calcium?

I am for one in support of a more vegan friendly based diet so will be sharing recipes over the coming weeks, that are quick and easy to make for a transitional teen or a guest  you are having for dinner…..

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