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8 changes you can make today that will change your child's eating habits

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“My little boy won’t eat;”

“I can’t get my three-year-old to eat fruit and veg;”

“My daughter won’t try anything new;”

“I’m cooking three separate meals.”

Have you heard yourself saying:

“You’re not getting any ice cream unless you eat all your dinner”?

“You can’t get down from the table until you eat three more mouthfuls.”

These 8 simple steps begin to change both yours and your families mindset. How you behave around food and eating is crucial to tackling all of the above issues.

We have all heard of the phrase food is fuel for our bodies, right? What is not always talked about is the equally important social functioning side of food and eating. The part of our brain that makes food choices is influenced by our emotions. Therefore, the development of a positive relationship and attitude to food and eating well is critical. It is possible to ‘raise a little foodie’, there is one inside us all!