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Your Little Foodie Learning Journey

Does your child only eat pasta? Do you have to hide their vegetables?

Have you heard yourself saying: “You’re not getting any ice cream unless you eat all your dinner”? Or: “You can’t get down from the table until you eat three more mouthfuls.”

Whether your child refuses new foods, is too distracted to eat, or you’d simply love to add more healthy foods to their plate – my Little Foodie Learning Journey plan can give you the power to bring happy, harmonious, nutritious mealtimes to your home.

“Sarah’s plan opened my eyes up to the new possibilities of mealtimes with my children. It made me think about finding more opportunities to get my children to cook and prepare their own meals. As a result my daughter now likes pizza, and fish cakes - foods she wouldn’t have eaten before.” Chad Shepherd, psychologist

What is it?

The Little Foodie Learning Journey is a simple, mindful eating approach. My unique guide empowers you and your children to go on a food journey together that helps your children learn how to eat well.

By following the principles of my guide both you and your child will be able to make informed choices about food, and nurture a relationship with food that supports your child’s development into a well-rounded healthy, happy young person.

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How will it help you?

  • You will learn imaginative techniques that empower your child to choose to eat well, and add fun, happiness and enjoyment to your daily routine.
  • Your child will eventually start eating new foods, and will learn how to enjoy eating.
  • Through learning what, why, when and most importantly how to eat well your child will be more involved and in control.
  • My techniques will let you and your child experiment so that together you develop a healthier and happier relationship with food.

The big issues

Let’s face it, we all want our children to eat well. But modern parents face an overwhelming number of challenges when it comes to their children’s eating habits and nutrition. Parents tell me:

  • “My little boy won’t eat”;
  • “I can’t get my three-year-old to eat fruit and veg”;
  • “My daughter won’t try anything new”
  • “I’m cooking three separate meals”.

They also say they feel judged and blamed for their child’s eating habits and and they are confused by the conflicting advice they are bombarded with.

Busy parents end up resorting to authoritarian techniques and bribery, or trick children into eating their five-a-day by hiding vegetables in sauces.

When I took these approaches my children I know they didn’t learn how to enjoy healthy food, didn’t understand how to eat well, and weren’t developing a positive relationship with food.

But it’s not your fault.

You haven’t been taught to take a holistic approach to food, and there hasn’t been an approach that brings parents and children together to help children make better food choices.

Until now.

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You have the power

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