Escape from Witch Castle

Parent’s mealtime helper

In Escape from Witch Castle there’s an adventure for every mouthful. The book follows a boy called Thomas and his sisters, Amelie, Edith and Agnes on their quest to an exciting new land, making friends along the way.

Combining the social nature of eating with storytelling, the easy-to-follow and exciting adventure puts your child at the centre of the action. As they eat, the story develops, making mealtimes more fun and helping them become a happy, adventurous eater.

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“I enjoyed it too and was fun to see Noah anticipate story and another mouthful of actual food. I will continue to use it as I introduce new foods and tastes especially and would recommend to anyone struggling small or big time at meal time.”

Laura Byrne


“I noticed a difference from the first time I used the book at mealtimes. My children were happy and excited and eager to eat ‘take another mouthful’ So that they could hear the next part of the story! They actually had fun whilst eating. They even amazingly tried new foods that before they wouldn’t even touch.”

Gemma Laming


“What have I been putting myself all these years without this book!!!  Such a simple solution, but a fantastic one. This book has changed mealtimes for me forever.  I am truly grateful. I would buy every book that was available, and I would most certainly recommend this to everyone.”

Reena Goyal


“A great book! Adam loved the giant whale and love the family dinner photos at the beginning and end. I would recommend it to anyone who struggles to get their kids to eat a varied/ balanced diet or for kids who won’t eat unless the TV is on!”

Sarah Noaman-Iqbal


“The experiment was quite fun. Henry ate more than usual. There was less opportunity for whinging and definitely more eating. He was hooked on the story and asked for it again once we had finished it.”



“Once I opened the book and began to read, I felt I was part of the story! Great story and beautifully illustrated and layed out.”



“It is helping my group to really bond with the kids we work with; it ties very nicely with something said in Hindu scripture. ‘Stress and worry can make you forget important things,’ so by taking the stress out of mealtimes it helps to develop long term creativity in the kids that my wife and I work with.”

Keyur Dave – Leader of children’s group Singapore

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

I’m an ordinary mum of four amazing, but very different, children. With each of them I have faced a variety of challenges with food and eating. These challenges have taken me on a journey to find a simple and fuss-free approach that makes mealtimes fun and empowers children to make healthy choices.

The journey began with the Take Another Mouthful book and has since evolved into a holistic, mindful approach to eating born out of my passionate belief that teaching children how to eat is as important as teaching them how to read and write.

Before childhood eating habits took over my life I worked for several government departments including the Home Office and the former Commission for Racial Equality, researching and writing policy on a broad range of UK equalities issues.

Are you a nutritionist or child psychologist?

No, I’m not, although I am currently studying long distance learning course at Stanford University entitled, Childhood Nutrition and Cooking. What qualifies me to help you teach your children how to eat is my experience in the parenting trenches. I still tackle the same challenges you do on a daily basis and have used the techniques in my plan to successfully teach my four children how to enjoy a variety of foods and make healthy choices about food.

My Take Another Mouthful book has already helped a number of parents to turn mealtimes into a fun activity, and now I want to help even more parents by sharing my holistic, mindful approach, so that you too can feel confident your children know how, not just what, to eat.

My child already eats well, is your plan for me?

Yes. Even if you aren’t currently facing any significant challenges with food my plan can still help you learn new recipes, snack ideas, games and activities to share with your child. And let’s face it our children know how to throw new challenges our way. One minute they’re happy to eat whatever you put on their plate, the next they’re refusing foods they’ve always eaten happily. My plan will make sure you are ready to face these challenges calmly and with confidence.

What if the plan doesn’t work for me?

So far this plan has a 100% success rate, but it’s not an overnight fix. If you want an instant solution then my plan might not be for you, but if you’re looking for guiding principles that in time will teach your child how to enjoy food, eat a wider variety of food, and make healthy choices for themselves, then please try it. If you find it’s not for you, then you are free to cancel (the monthly subscription) any time.